play & earn with your geopoly NFT

How can I earn GEO$ Tokens with my Geopoly’s NFT?

2 min readJun 29, 2022


First, you need to be the owner of a Geopoly’s NFT, download the desktop version and login with the wallet that holds your Geopoly’s NFT.

Second: Play and have fun! Only active players who log into the game will earn GEO$ Tokens.

How will the in-game economy work?

Conceptually, it will be what we call a self-sustaining economy, meaning that the rewards will come from the income obtained by the desktop game within a certain period. This income will be distributed proportionally among Geopoly NFT holders active within the game, according to the category and the tier of their NFTs. The higher the category, the more rewards will be granted. Rewards will be paid as GEO$ tokens and available to claim after each period ends.

During the alpha version, the duration of each period will be one week, starting every Thursday

As NFT holders will be partners in Geopoly’s profits, their rewards will increase as the game keeps growing!

During the alpha period, the income generated by the desktop game will be shared between Geopoly and NFT holders as follows:

Purchases of GOLD bought with GEO$: 90 % for NFT holders, 10% for Geopoly.

NFTs minted with GEO$ in-game: 50 % for NFT holders, 50% for Geopoly.

Geopoly assigns a percentage of the income generated by the desktop version to sustain the operating expenses of the game, including servers, employee salaries, advertising, etc. Keep in mind that Geopoly has different sources of financing and does not depend 100% on the game’s income in its On-chain version.

Here is a brief explanation on how the amount of GEO$ you receive for your NFT is calculated:

Every NFT has a score, acording to its category and tier. A report is made with all active NFTs (those used by an active player in Geopoly Desktop in a certain period of time, in this case, the last week), each one of them with its matching score. Everything is added up and the total score is calculated for all NFTs. Then the individual score is divided by the sum of the total score and multiplied by the general prize to be distributed. And that’s how the amount of GEO$ for each NFT is calculated.

Geopoly reserves the right to modify the percentages of income distribution, either to encourage the economy in a certain period to favor the profits of the NFT holders, or if necessary for financing the game’s operation. If any change is determined, it will be announced before being implemented.