geopoly alpha access

Geopoly Alpha access, a few things to keep in mind.

  • Geopoly is a desktop game in its blockchain version. You can download from
  • The desktop game is synchronized with the mobile game, so if you are already playing the offchain, please make sure to login with the same account, and then connect your metamask wallet.
  • You need to be an NFT Holder in order to access the game. If you aren’t an NFT holder yet, you can take a look at the NFTs on the Auctions site or try your luck at the Wheel of Fortune!
  • Once you access the game, if you decide to put your NFT on an Auction, and you only own one NFT, please have in mind that the Auctions contract will hold that NFT as long as the auction is active. This means that you will lose access to the game, until your wallet has another Geopoly NFT that the game can recognize when you login. Same logic applies for farmed NFTs.
  • Everyone can join Geopoly NFT Auctions! Starting July 1st at 6 pm UTC, everyone will be able to access the auction website, view the NFTs that are up for auction, place their bids, or put their NFTs up for auction and track them live. No matter if you are an NFT holder or not. Go tell your friends!
  • If you are playing Geopoly Desktop, your NFTs are already earning GEO$ Tokens! In this early stage of the game, all NFT Holders will earn GEO$, no matter if their NFT is rented by an offchain user or not. Once a week, your GEO$ will be ready to claim from the game, you just need to be an active player!



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